Best hotels & accommodations in Copenhagen

We list the best hotels, hostels, B&Bs and guesthouses in Copenhagen as recommended by travel experts from CNN, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, Fodor’s, New York Times and more. All hotel recommendations have been referenced with customer reviews and we only listed places with at least a 4 out of 5-star customer review rating.


Best cheap hotel in Copenhagen: Cityhub Copenhagen

Best boutique hotel in Copenhagen: Hotel Sanders

Best luxury hotel in Copenhagen: Hotel d’Angleterre

Best hostel in Copenhagen: Steel House Hostel

Best eco-friendly hotel in Copenhagen: Bryggen Gukdsmeden

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Hotel d’Angleterre, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

Fodors, New York Times, Frommers, Telegraph

4.6 / 5
384 euro 342 gbp 475 usd 50350 jpy 370 cad 370 aud 3719 hkd 627 sgd 446 chf 3016 cny 3918 sek 2869 dkk 3700 nok

Hotel SP34, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

New York Times, Frommers, Telegraph

4.2 / 5
129 euro 115 gbp 160 usd 16960 jpy 124 cad 124 aud 1252 hkd 211 sgd 150 chf 1016 cny 1320 sek 966 dkk 1246 nok

Hotel Sanders, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

CN Traveler, New York Times, Telegraph

4.6 / 5
182 euro 162 gbp 225 usd 23850 jpy 175 cad 175 aud 1761 hkd 297 sgd 211 chf 1428 cny 1856 sek 1359 dkk 1752 nok

Hotel Alexandra, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet, Telegraph

4.3 / 5
90 euro 80 gbp 112 usd 11872 jpy 87 cad 87 aud 876 hkd 147 sgd 105 chf 711 cny 924 sek 676 dkk 872 nok

Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet, Telegraph

4.6 / 5
283 euro 252 gbp 350 usd 37100 jpy 273 cad 273 aud 2740 hkd 462 sgd 329 chf 2222 cny 2887 sek 2114 dkk 2726 nok

Hotel Danmark, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet, Telegraph

4.2 / 5
98 euro 87 gbp 122 usd 12932 jpy 95 cad 95 aud 955 hkd 161 sgd 114 chf 774 cny 1006 sek 736 dkk 950 nok

Generator Hostel, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:


4.1 / 5
14 euro 12 gbp 18 usd 1908 jpy 14 cad 14 aud 140 hkd 23 sgd 16 chf 114 cny 148 sek 108 dkk 140 nok

Steel House Hostel, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:


4.3 / 5
23 euro 20 gbp 29 usd 3074 jpy 22 cad 22 aud 227 hkd 38 sgd 27 chf 184 cny 239 sek 175 dkk 225 nok

Ibsens Hotel, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet

4.1 / 5
78 euro 69 gbp 97 usd 10282 jpy 75 cad 75 aud 759 hkd 128 sgd 91 chf 615 cny 800 sek 585 dkk 755 nok

The Avenue Hotel, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

New York Times

4.1 / 5
76 euro 68 gbp 95 usd 10070 jpy 74 cad 74 aud 743 hkd 125 sgd 89 chf 603 cny 783 sek 573 dkk 740 nok

Hotel Babette Guldsmeden, Copenhagen

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet

4.3 / 5
119 euro 105 gbp 147 usd 15582 jpy 114 cad 114 aud 1151 hkd 194 sgd 138 chf 933 cny 1212 sek 887 dkk 1145 nok


What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is the country’s most populous city. It is the home to many historic sites such as Rosenborg Castle, Christiansborg Palace, Amalienborg Palace, Indre By, and Öresund Bridge. Some of the best neighborhoods of Copenhagen are:

Copenhagen City Center
Copenhagen City Center is a neighborhood in the city with chic coffee shops, cafés, bars, takeaways, and restaurants. The neighborhood has a wide range of options to offer from smoky bars to fine dining restaurants and jazz venues.

Christianshavn is a stylish neighborhood that is home to the Michelin-starred Noma restaurant and Copenhagen Opera House. The area maps across several artificial islands and is surrounded by picturesque canals and water bodies. The narrow alleyways and colorful houses make the area one of the most romantic and beautiful parts of the city.

The Freetown Christiania
The Freetown Christiania is a neighborhood that is the home to smoky jazz bars, underground gig venues, vegetarian restaurants, and bakeries. The area is renowned for Pusher Street and Green Light District and relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It also has a beautiful lake and car-free pedestrianized alleys that gives it a peaceful and serene ambience.

Vesterbro is a neighborhood with music venues, underground bars, chic restaurants, tattoo studios, and galleries. The area is also renowned for its organic restaurants, cafés and hostels that attract many hipsters.

Nørrebro is a multicultural neighborhood that bears the renown of being a hangout zone for bohemian and artist. This area is filled with organic restaurants, stylish cafés and secondhand shops.

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What is the best budget hotel in Copenhagen?

If you're looking for a cheap hotel in Copenhagen, then book Cityhub Copenhagen. It's an excellent budget hotel offering great value for money. It's in a good location, it's been recommended by travel experts and the hotel has excellent customer reviews. Also check out our list of the best cheap hotels in Copenhagen.

What is the best boutique hotel in Copenhagen?

You like some luxury but don't like the famous chain hotels. If you're looking for the best boutique hotel in Copenhagen, you should check out Hotel Sanders. It's a very cool hotel that has been highly recommended by travelers and experts.
Also check out our list of the best boutique hotels in Copenhagen, it's a manually curated list of the most unique and romantic hotels in the city.

What is the best luxury hotel in Copenhagen?

If money isn't a problem and you're looking for a luxury hotel in Copenhagen, then go for Hotel d'Angleterre. The hotel offers excellent service, it's in a top location, it has been rated very highly by previous guests and renowned travel critics have recommended it.
Also check out our list of the best luxury hotels in Copenhagen, it's a manually curated list of the most exclusive 5-star hotels in the city.

What is the best hostel in Copenhagen?

If you're looking for a great hostel in Copenhagen, then you should check out Steel House Hostel. The hostel has magnificent reviews by backpackers, it has been recommended by well-known travel experts and it's in a good location. Also check out our guide about the best hostels in Copenhagen.

Which Copenhagen hotels serve great breakfast?

There are plenty hotels in Copenhagen that serve a good breakfast. Try The Avenue Hotel, Hotel Sanders or The Nimb Hotel if you're looking for a delicious breakfast. All those hotels have excellent customer review ratings for their breakfast.

How much does it cost to stay in a Copenhagen hotel?

For a 3-star hotel you have to pay around $175 per night and for a 4-star hotel you would be looking at $240 per night. If you're after a luxury 5-star Copenhagen hotel then you can expect to pay around $450 per night.

Which Copenhagen hotel offers great views?

Try The Nimb Hotel for great views of Copenhagen. The hotel has received excellent customer review ratings for views recently.

What are the best things to do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen: 1-Hour Canal Cruise from Ved Stranden or Nyhavn. See the sights of Copenhagen on a 1-hour boat tour along the main harbor and adjoining canals. Depart from Ved Stranden or Nyhavn and see lovely houses, ancient castles, and beautiful churches along the way. Price: $16.

Grand Day Trip around Copenhagen. Head out of Copenhagen for the day on this guided small-group tour, visiting UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kronborg Castle, the sitting for Shakespeare's Hamlet, and then Frederiksborg Castle, the largest Renaissance-era castle in Scandinavia. Price: $166.

Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens Fast-Track Ticket & Optional Rides. Discover Copenhagen’s world-famous Tivoli Gardens, the world's second-oldest amusement park. Enjoy fast-track access with your skip-the-line admission ticket. Explore the park, enjoy the beautiful gardens and flowers, and stop for refreshments at a café. Price: $21.

More things to do in Copenhagen

About Copenhagen

The Ultimate Guide to Copenhagen: Your Complete Travel Guide
The lovely city of Copenhagen is a must see for any traveler, and it’s no wonder why! With its famous Little Mermaid statue, cobblestone streets, and historical architecture, this Danish city is brimming with things to see.

The famous Copenhagen Castle is located in the city center and is so well preserved that it was used as a filming location for both ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Matilda.’ This castle has had a fascinating history. It was first built in 1167, but then reconstructed in 1647 after the Swedish attack of Copenhagen. The castle is not only historically significant to Denmark, but also to Europe.

In addition to its rich history, the castle offers incredible views of the city and harbor below.

Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park in Copenhagen, and it’s not hard to see why. The park features a variety of rides, shops and restaurants (including the largest roller coaster in Northern Europe). A day at Tivoli Gardens is enough to make your mouth water!

One of the best ways to experience Copenhagen is by getting around on a bike. The city has some of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, with over 450 kilometers of bike paths for pedestrians and bikers. One popular option is renting a bike from one of the many bike rental companies located in the city, like Copenhagen City Cykel. They have 27 departure points and you can pick-up a bike at any of them and return it at another. Another popular way to get around Copenhagen is using a City Pass where you can explore the city’s main attractions, like Tivoli Gardens, while using public transportation.

One of the most iconic sites in Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid statue is a must see. It was created by Edvard Eriksen and erected in 1913. This statue is made of bronze, and it sits on a rock shaped like a seashell.

The statue’s face is beautiful and haunting. She has long hair that flows down her back and she holds both hands out toward the water as if to long for something lost. Her eyes are closed, but you can still see that she has a sultry expression on her face. The statue is believed to represent the tragically beautiful Ariel from Disney’s film The Little Mermaid, which tells the story of Ariel longing for human legs so she can walk on land with her love Prince Eric.

Copenhagen may be known for its amazing sights, but that doesn’t mean that the city is all business. There are plenty of culinary delights to be enjoyed along your travels. One such delight is the world’s best cupcakes in Viborg, a historic Danish town about an hour outside of Copenhagen.

The world’s best cupcakes in Viborg can be found at a cafe called “Hjemmebagteri og Kaffebar Viborg.” While you might not find the typical chocolate or vanilla flavors here, these specialty cupcakes come with flavors like salty caramel and lime-thyme, or smoked cardamom and thyme!

Nyhavn River is a great place to visit to get a taste of Copenhagen’s past. This river is filled with impressive buildings, bridges, and boats. It is also home to the world’s oldest working dry dock. This is a must-visit for anyone that visits Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a foodie’s dream. It houses the world’s best restaurants, and the locals are known for their love of fresh seafood and game. If you want to try the local delicacies, head to a smørrebrød bar (translation: open-faced sandwich) and order an open-faced sandwich with rye bread, raw salmon, shrimp, pickles, egg yolk and capers.

If you need some caffeine to kick start your day, head over to Cafe Hvidovre on Nørrebrogade. They brew some of the best coffee in Copenhagen and offer delicious pastries as well.

And if you’re not big on meat dishes or seafood, don’t fret! You can find plenty of vegetarian options on menus across Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is known as the “City of Cyclists” and one of the best things to do is a scenic bike tour. You can take a cycling tour around Copenhagen with one of the many bicycle rental companies located throughout the city. There are also public bikes available all around Copenhagen that allow you to rent a bike by the hour or day to explore this beautiful city.

The Danish capital is also home to some incredible museums, such as The National Gallery and Tivoli Gardens. This historic destination also houses many other items of interest for travellers, including The Round Tower, which has been operating since 1642.

One of the most romantic ways to explore Copenhagen by night is on a yacht. You’ll be able to take in the stunning views along the waterfront while enjoying a delicious dinner with your loved one. To make the experience even more memorable, consider adding champagne and flowers to your booking. This will ensure you have the perfect way to bring your date night to life with a luxurious evening cruise on a yacht.

The city of Copenhagen is a must-see for any traveler, and it’s no wonder why! With its famous Little Mermaid statue, cobblestone streets, and historical architecture, this Danish city is brimming with things to see.

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