Best hotels & accommodations in the Bahamas

We list the best hotels in the Bahamas as recommended by travel experts from CNN, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, Fodor’s, New York Times and more. All hotel recommendations have been referenced with customer reviews, and we only listed places that have at least a 4 out of 5-star customer review rating.


Best cheap hotel in the Bahamas: Orange Hill Beach Inn

Best boutique hotel in the Bahamas: The Island House

Best luxury hotel in the Bahamas: The Ocean Club

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Graycliff Hotel Nassau, Bahamas

Reccomended by:

New York Times, Fodors, Frommers, Lonely Planet, Telegraph, The Times

4.0 / 5
259 euro 230 gbp 320 usd 33920 jpy 249 cad 249 aud 2505 hkd 422 sgd 300 chf 2032 cny 2640 sek 1932 dkk 2492 nok

The Ocean Club Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

Reccomended by:

Fodors, Frommers, Telegraph, The Times, Lonely Planet

4.5 / 5
972 euro 864 gbp 1200 usd 127200 jpy 936 cad 936 aud 9396 hkd 1584 sgd 1128 chf 7620 cny 9900 sek 7248 dkk 9348 nok

Pineapple Fields, Bahamas

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet, Fodors, Telegraph

4.5 / 5
121 euro 108 gbp 150 usd 15900 jpy 117 cad 117 aud 1174 hkd 198 sgd 141 chf 952 cny 1237 sek 906 dkk 1168 nok

Coral Sands Hotel, Bahamas

Reccomended by:

Fodors, Telegraph

4.5 / 5
291 euro 259 gbp 360 usd 38160 jpy 280 cad 280 aud 2818 hkd 475 sgd 338 chf 2286 cny 2970 sek 2174 dkk 2804 nok

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Bahamas

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet, Telegraph

4.2 / 5
315 euro 280 gbp 390 usd 41340 jpy 304 cad 304 aud 3053 hkd 514 sgd 366 chf 2476 cny 3217 sek 2355 dkk 3038 nok

Sandyport Beach Resort Nassau, Bahamas

Reccomended by:

New York Times

4.0 / 5
238 euro 212 gbp 295 usd 31270 jpy 230 cad 230 aud 2309 hkd 389 sgd 277 chf 1873 cny 2433 sek 1781 dkk 2298 nok

Bahama Beach Club Resort, Bahamas

Reccomended by:


4.3 / 5
315 euro 280 gbp 390 usd 41340 jpy 304 cad 304 aud 3053 hkd 514 sgd 366 chf 2476 cny 3217 sek 2355 dkk 3038 nok

Pelican Bay Hotel Freeport, Bahamas

Reccomended by:


4.3 / 5
153 euro 136 gbp 190 usd 20140 jpy 148 cad 148 aud 1487 hkd 250 sgd 178 chf 1206 cny 1567 sek 1147 dkk 1480 nok


How much do I have to pay for a night in a hotel in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas are expensive. For 3-star hotels, the average rate is around $120 per night. If you're looking for a 4-star hotel, then the rates are around $270 per night. The average rate for a 5-star hotel in the Bahamas is around $500 per night.

What is the best budget hotel in the Bahamas?

If you’re looking for an affordable hotel, then book Orange Hill Beach Inn. It’s an excellent budget hotel offering great value for money. It’s in a good location, it’s been recommended by travel experts and the hotel has excellent customer reviews. You should also check out our list of the best cheap hotels in the Bahamas.

What is the best boutique hotel in the Bahamas?

You like some luxury but don’t like the famous chain hotels. If you’re looking for the best boutique hotel in the Bahamas, you should check out The Island House. It’s a very cool hotel that travelers and experts have highly recommended. For more cool hotels, check out our list of the best boutique hotels in the Bahamas.

What is the best luxury hotel in the Bahamas?

If money isn’t a problem and you’re looking for a luxury hotel in the Bahamas, then go for The Ocean Club. The hotel offers excellent service, it’s in a top location, it has been rated very highly by previous guests and renowned travel critics have recommended it. For more 5-star hotels, check out our list of the best luxury hotels in the Bahamas.

What are the best areas to stay in the Bahamas?

The best areas to stay in the Bahamas are: New Providence, Exuma Island, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama or Paradise Island. Please read our extensive guide about where to stay in the Bahamas. It offers a great overview about each island, including the museums, attractions and other things, as well as the best place to stay in each area.

What are the best things to do in the Bahamas?

There are many things to do in the Bahamas, including day trips, attractions, museums, sightseeing tours and many other activities. Here’s our list of 3 things you should definitely do when you’re in the Bahamas:

From Paradise Island: Bahamas Beach Excursion to Sandy Toes
Take an unbeatable day excursion to the paradise shores of Rose Island in the Bahamas. Relax in style on a beautiful private beach and enjoy snorkeling tours, kayaks, tubes, hammock gardens, a beach bar, island music, and a local Bahamian buffet lunch. Price: $252. More info.

Swim with the pigs on Rose Island
This exciting 4-hour activity allows you the opportunity to swim with the pigs on Rose Island. Only a short boat ride away and you will experience one of the most beautiful islands in The Bahamas, Rose Island is 25 minutes away from Nassau and is known for its stunning beaches and island view. Enjoy hanging out with the pigs while on the white sandy beach, an experience like no other. Price: $199. More info.

Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour
Explore Bahamian cuisine and culture on this food and walking tour in Nassau’s historic neighborhood. Sample tasty foods at five venues – including family-owned restaurants and specialty shops. Sip on handcrafted rum cocktails while you nibble on classic conch fritters and Bahamian mac ‘n’ cheese. Expect food quantities to be equivalent to a hearty lunch. Price: $87. More info.

More things to do in the Bahamas

About Bahamas

The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago located off the east coast of Florida, United States, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a popular vacation destination known for its natural beauty, pristine sandy beaches, and crystal clear water abundant with exotic marine life. The country is made up of 700 Islands and more than 2000 spectacular cays with an approximate population of around 400, 000 people.

The Bahamas is known as a former British colony that gained independence in 1973. Due to this the official language is English and the currency is the Bahamian dollar. The Bahamas has a stable economy that is heavily reliant on tourism and banking and with its stable political climate, the country is considered a safe place to visit.

Due to its outstanding natural beauty coupled with its warm tropical climate, the Bahamas is a popular destination for tourists, especially those traveling from America due to its close proximity to the United States mainland.

Some of the world’s most impressive and pristine natural features can be found in the Bahamas including Cable Beach in Nassau, Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama Island, and Pink Sands beach on Harbour Island. As the islands are known for their crystal clear turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs many visitors enjoy activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving and there are many scuba diving schools based on the islands.

There is a rich cultural heritage among the Bahamian islands with influences from Africa, Europe, and native Bahamian traditions. This rich cultural heritage is celebrated with yearly events such as Junkanoo, a colorful and lively street parade held every year on Boxing day, and the Bahamas International Film Festival which celebrates the Bahamian film industry and showcases local and international films.

Due to its colonial history, the local cuisine in the Bahamas is a blend of African, European, and Bahamian flavors. Thanks to the abundant marine life, seafood is a staple on the islands with popular dishes including conch salad or fritters and grilled fish.

As the Bahamas attracts an electric crowd, including many celebrities and wealthy visitors, there is an excellent selection of incredible fine dining restaurants including Rock House on Harbour Island and Dune run by the Michelin-starred rated chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, at the OceanClub Hotel on Paradise Island.

The Bahamas is a beautiful and interesting country with a rich history and culture. Its stunning beaches, crystal waters, and vibrant coral reefs make it a popular tourist destination and a haven for marine life. The comfortable warm temperatures and climate of the Bahamas make it the ideal tropical vacation destination with many activities and amazing attractions to explore.

The country also has an excellent commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sources ensuring that the beauty of the islands will be preserved for future generations to come.

Whether you come to the Bahamas to enjoy the sunshine and natural beauty or enjoy an adventure-filled vacation there is something that will interest everyone on this stunning set of islands.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or revisiting, we hope this guide helps you get the most out of your visit to the Bahamas. Get to know the islands even better by reading our guide about where to stay in the Bahamas.

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