5 Best Hostels in Barcelona, Spain

Updated: February 22, 2021

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in Spain, you will not want to miss out on seeing Barcelona. This coastal city is filled to the brim with amazing sights and activities.

Barcelona lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so you can enjoy chilled-out days lounging on the beach with a drink in your hand. Or, you can take on the city and the countless stores, museums, parks, and restaurants within it. The infamous artist known as Antoni Gaudí has many works all around Barcelona, such as his houses lining the street and the positively jaw-dropping La Sagrada Familia. The Barcelona City History Museum is a fantastic spot if you consider yourself to be a history buff.

Park Güell is another extraordinary spot in Barcelona, and it also boasts the work of Gaudí. If you are on the hunt for some entertainment and tasty food, make your way to Las Ramblas which is a pedestrian boulevard lined with numerous stores and restaurants. Make sure you do not head out of Barcelona without trying some of their paella, too!

Choosing to book a hostel is a wonderful and affordable way to stay in the city. The following list includes some of the best hostels that Barcelona has.


Hostel One Ramblas

At Hostel One Ramblas, you are in a prime location to easily access and enjoy some of the top sights and attractions in Barcelona. You can rest assured that Hostel One Ramblas takes cleanliness very seriously, so you can fully relax whenever you are here. There is a spacious common room and kitchen within the hostel, as well as a terrace on the roof that you can go catch some beautiful views from.

The rooms here are all provided with linens, and you can safely secure your belongings away in the lockers here. The dorms are mixed, and all of the beds come with privacy curtains so you can rest more easily. If you need to do laundry at any point during your stay, there are facilities here for that, as well.

Hostel details

Address: Calle Albareda 6-8, Barcelona, Spain.

Guest rating: 4.8 out of 5.

Price per night: from $17.

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Saint Jordi Hostel Rock Palace

The Saint Jordi Hostel Rock Palace is where you want to be if you love constant fun and entertainment. There is a lively bar and club area and a rooftop pool that is perfect for those warmer days and nights. You are in a prime location to reach some of the best restaurants and bars at Saint Jordi Hostel Rock Palace.

You can choose from either a mixed dorm or a private accommodation at this hostel, and all are provided with complimentary bed linens. There is a kitchen handy in case you want to whip up some meals, and if you are an avid guitar player, but do not have your instrument with you, this hostel has a range of some for guests to borrow!

Hostel details

Address: Carrer Balmes 75, Barcelona, Spain.

Guest rating: 4.7 out of 5.

Price per night: from $18.

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Hostel One Sants

Hostel One Sants is just a quick walk away from the main train station in Barcelona, Sants Station. You will be set with a spacious lounge area that is filled with entertainment such as a pool table and television. There is a rooftop terrace that is perfect for catching up with friends. Plus, a shared kitchen for guests to help themselves to.

There are dorms that can sleep between 2 and 6 people, and Hostel One Sants is able to provide linens for each guest staying here. There are of course security lockers accessible to lock away your things, and privacy screens have thoughtfully been installed so that you are ensured complete peace when you wind down from your day.

Hostel details

Address: Calle Casteras 9, Barcelona, Spain.

Guest rating: 4.7 out of 5.

Price per night: from $16.

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Yeah Hostel Barcelona

Up next on our list we have the Yeah Hostel Barcelona. This hostel guarantees you a good time, as guests are given a free shot when you check-in. You also get a tour of the best local bars. This is certainly a funky and colorful hostel, and it is situated close enough to walk to the metro station for nonstop adventures.

The rooms here vary from private, mixed, and female-only, so you can make your pick based on what you are most comfortable with. Each room conveniently has its own bathroom within it, has linens provided, and there are lockers for anyone who wants extra safety. There is a fun common area complete with board games and tv, too.

Hostel details

Address: Carrer Girona, 176, Barcelona, Spain.

Guest rating: 4.7 out of 5.

Price per night: from $19.

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Itaca Hostel

Finally, we have the Itaca Hostel, which is located just a few minutes’ walking distance away from Las Ramblas, one of the liveliest areas of Barcelona. Itaca Hostel hosts sangria tastings for its guests, so you can meet some new travel buddies while sipping on this classic Spanish drink. There are board games, guitars, and a television for those times you want to chill out.

You get the choice between a shared room that is mixed or a private room that you can have all to yourself. The dorms happen to have balconies, so this is a definite plus to opting for this style of room. Fresh linens for your bed are supplied by Itaca Hostel, too, so you can travel lightly.

Hostel details

Address: Ripoll 21, Barcelona, Spain.

Guest rating: 4.6 out of 5.

Price per night: from $16.

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Barcelona is a phenomenal city with so much to do and see. Staying in a hostel guarantees you can have the utmost convenience during your travels and the most pleasant time.


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