Best hotels & accommodations in Santiago de Chile

We list the best hotels and accommodations in Santiago de Chile as recommended by travel experts from CNN, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, Fodor’s, New York Times and more. All hotel recommendations have been referenced with customer reviews and we only listed places with at least a 4 out of 5-star customer review rating.


Best cheap hotel in Santiago: Hotel CasaDeTodos

Best boutique hotel in Santiago: Luciano K Hotel

Best luxury hotel in Santiago: Hotel The Aubrey

Best hostel in Santiago: Ventana Sur Hostel

Best eco-friendly hotel in Santiago: Carménère Eco Hotel

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Hotel Magnolia, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

The Guardian, Lonely Planet, Telegraph

4.6 / 5
127 euro 113 gbp 158 usd 16748 jpy 123 cad 123 aud 1237 hkd 208 sgd 148 chf 1003 cny 1303 sek 954 dkk 1230 nok

Casasur Charming Hotel, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

The Guardian, Lonely Planet

4.9 / 5
123 euro 109 gbp 152 usd 16112 jpy 118 cad 118 aud 1190 hkd 200 sgd 142 chf 965 cny 1254 sek 918 dkk 1184 nok

Hotel Cumbres Lastarria, Santiago

Reccomended by:

The Guardian, Telegraph

4.5 / 5
145 euro 129 gbp 180 usd 19080 jpy 140 cad 140 aud 1409 hkd 237 sgd 169 chf 1143 cny 1485 sek 1087 dkk 1402 nok

Hotel The Singular, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet, Telegraph

4.7 / 5
72 euro 64 gbp 90 usd 9540 jpy 70 cad 70 aud 704 hkd 118 sgd 84 chf 571 cny 742 sek 543 dkk 701 nok

Meridiano Sur Petit Hotel, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

Fodors, Frommers

4.4 / 5
56 euro 50 gbp 70 usd 7420 jpy 54 cad 54 aud 548 hkd 92 sgd 65 chf 444 cny 577 sek 422 dkk 545 nok

Hostal Rio Amazonas, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

Lonely Planet

4.5 / 5
39 euro 35 gbp 49 usd 5194 jpy 38 cad 38 aud 383 hkd 64 sgd 46 chf 311 cny 404 sek 295 dkk 381 nok

Carménère Eco Hotel, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

New York Times

4.7 / 5
85 euro 75 gbp 105 usd 11130 jpy 81 cad 81 aud 822 hkd 138 sgd 98 chf 666 cny 866 sek 634 dkk 817 nok

Tinto Boutique Hotel, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

New York Times

4.5 / 5
84 euro 74 gbp 104 usd 11024 jpy 81 cad 81 aud 814 hkd 137 sgd 97 chf 660 cny 858 sek 628 dkk 810 nok

Alma Bed & Breakfast, Santiago de Chile

Reccomended by:

The Guardian

4.3 / 5
31 euro 28 gbp 39 usd 4134 jpy 30 cad 30 aud 305 hkd 51 sgd 36 chf 247 cny 321 sek 235 dkk 303 nok


What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Santiago de Chile?

Santiago de Chile is the largest city of Chile, and is a picturesque place nestled by the snow-capped mountain Andes and the Chilean coast range.

It is one of the most interesting areas in Chilean capital, and is extremely bohemian in nature. There is a vibrant art scene which is reflected in its lively night-life, bars, clubs and great gastronomical options. There are lovely cafes nestled among art deco buildings. Several hotels are located in these beautiful barrios.

It is the traditional part of the city with a strong Italian influence on the architecture as well as the food. It attracts artsy travellers. Apart from the Italian influence, there is a strong South American influence too.

Barrio Brasil
It is filled with neo classical structures, which now house boutiques to fashion studios. Plaza Brasil offers a unique experience both at day and night, numerous bars and clubs are found here, with outdoor events being held all year round. There are several high-end restaurants as well as budget options are found in these streets.

Parque Bustamante
Open air cafes offer an unobstructed view of the leafy lanes and provide a sense of calm away from the bustling city. Several top-notch hotels are available here and they give you an exotic staying options to choose from. Cheap staying option like bed and breakfast options is available too.

It is a historical neighbourhood and a major tourist attraction with a variety of activities available to keep you occupied. Restaurants offer local options and international offers too. Posh hotels are found in abundance in this region.

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What is the best budget hotel in Santiago de Chile?

If you're looking for a cheap hotel in Santiago de Chile, then try Hotel CasaDeTodos. For more affordable hotel options, check our shortlist of the best cheap hotels in Santiago de Chile.

What is the best boutique hotel in Santiago de Chile?

Not a fan of big chain hotels? No problem. If you want to stay in a boutique hotel in Santiago de Chile, then you should book Luciano K Hotel. The hotel has been rated highly by previous guests for its boutique style. It has also been recommended by influential travel journalists.
Also check out our list of the best boutique hotels in Santiago de Chile, it's a manually curated list of the most unique and romantic hotels in the city.

What is the best luxury hotel in Santiago de Chile?

If money isn't a problem and you're looking for a luxury hotel in Santiago de Chile, then go for Hotel The Aubrey. The hotel offers excellent service, it's in a top location, it has been rated very highly by previous guests and renowned travel critics have recommended it. Also check out our list of the best luxury hotels in Santiago de Chile, it's a manually curated list of the most exclusive 5-star hotels in the city.

What is the best hostel in Santiago de Chile?

If you're looking for a great hostel in Santiago de Chile, then you should check out Ventana Sur Hostel. The hostel has magnificent reviews by backpackers, it has been recommended by well-known travel experts and it's in a good location. Also check out our list of the best hostels in Santiago de Chile.

What is the best bed & breakfast in Santiago de Chile?

Looking for a cozy place to stay in Santiago de Chile that serves you handmade and fresh breakfast in the morning? Go and check out Alma Bed & Breakfast. The B&B has been recommended by well-known travel experts and recent guests have given it top ratings.

How much does it cost to stay in a Santiago de Chile hotel?

For a 3-star hotel you have to pay around $60 per night and for a 4-star hotel you would be looking at $110 per night. If you're after a luxury 5-star Santiago de Chile hotel then you can expect to pay around $170 per night.

Which Santiago de Chile hotel serves great breakfast?

Try Carménère Eco Hotel or Hotel Magnolia if you're looking for a delicious breakfast at a hotel in Santiago de Chile. Both hotels have excellent customer review ratings for breakfast.

Which Santiago de Chile hotel offers a great rooftop bar?

Looking for a great view while having a drink? Try Tinto Boutique Hotel or Hotel The Singular, both have excellent rooftop bars with views of Santiago de Chile.

Which Santiago de Chile hotel is the best for couples?

Try Casasur Charming Hotel if you're looking for a romantic getaway in Santiago de Chile, it has some excellent recent customer reviews by couples.

Which Santiago de Chile hotels are the best for families?

If you're looking to stay in Santiago de Chile with your family, then try Carménère Eco Hotel. The hotel has excellent review ratings by families.

What are the best things to do in Santiago de Chile?

Full-Day Tour of Valparaiso Port and Viña del Mar from Santiago. Revel in the vibrant color and culture of Valparaiso Port and Viña del Mar on a full-day tour of the coastal cities from Santiago. Price: $99.

Welcome to Santiago: Private Tour with a Local. Get a welcome to Santiago from a friendly and passionate local and discover the city like a resident. Learn the secrets about where to buy groceries, how to get around and much more. Price: $30.

Full-Day Wine Tour from Santiago with Sommelier Guide. Visit the Maipo Valley Wine Region with a certified sommelier on a full-day wine tasting tour from Santiago. You’ll stop at three or four wineries for tastings, sampling locally-produced bottles as you learn about Chile’s wine making heritage. Price: $170.

More things to do in Santiago de Chile

About Santiago de Chile

If you ask any traveler to name the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s a fair bet that more than a few will respond with “Chile”. The country is home to some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the world. And among these many idyllic destinations is Santiago de Chile, perhaps its most iconic city. In fact, UNESCO has declared that no other city in the world blends so many different cultures into one dynamic whole quite like this vibrant capital city of Chile. The proof is in its architecture: from neo-gothic churches and cathedrals to Art Nouveau structures and modernist towers.

A Brief History of Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile has been a key center of culture, trade, and politics for as long as there has been a Chile. The earliest signs of human occupation on what is now Chilean soil date back approximately 14,000 years. By the 16th century, several indigenous groups had established settlements in the area, including the Mapuche, Araucanians, and the Pehuenche. The Spanish first arrived in 1535, when the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia led a group of soldiers and settlers in search of gold and riches in the New World. The early Spanish settlement was named “La Ciudad de La Santisima Trinidad y Puerto de Santiago del Nuevo Extremo”. Over the next few centuries, the city was occupied by the Spanish, who built a number of forts and churches, including the famous La Catedral de Santiago, the French, who blew up the city’s main fortress, and the Chilean, who, after independence in 1818, made Santiago the capital city of their new nation.

The Culture of Santiago de Chile
Santiago is as much a cultural destination as a travel destination, and it shouldn’t be missed by any visitor who wants to experience some of Chile’s most exciting and diverse attractions. The Museo de Bellas Artes is the city’s premier art gallery. It holds both a permanent collection and a series of special exhibitions. Nearby, the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo is a contemporary art museum that also hosts temporary exhibitions. Fans of architecture won’t want to miss an excursion to the Observatorio de los Andes and the Solar de las Manos. The former is a futuristic observatory that offers some of the best panoramic views of the city, while the latter is famous for its colorful murals that depict the lives and struggles of the city’s indigenous populations.

Traveling to Santiago – What You Should Know
Spanish is the main language spoken in Santiago, but English is widely understood, especially in the tourist areas.

While many of the attractions are free, you should expect to pay a small fee to enter the museums.

One spectacular excursion is the Paragliding Tour from Las Vegas Sands, which offers breathtaking views of Santiago.

The city’s most famous landmark is, without a doubt, the stunning Chilean Andes Mountains, which are visible from all over the city.

The weather in Santiago is very moderate, with temperatures ranging from -2°C to 36°C.

One of the most delicious aspects of visiting Santiago is the food. You’ll find a wide variety of cuisines, including Chilean, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese.

Activities in and around Santiago de Chile
El Morro: This famous fortress is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was constructed in 1546 to protect against pirate attacks on the city, and it has remained in use ever since.

Museo de Bellas Artes: This is Santiago’s premier art museum. It houses a wide range of works, including sculptures, drawings, paintings, and photography.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo: This museum is dedicated to contemporary art. It has a wide collection, including paintings, sculptures, and photography.

Parque Biblioteca: This is one of the most famous parks in the world, thanks to its murals. They were painted by a number of renowned artists, including David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Solar de las Manos: This is a cultural center that features a large number of murals. They depict indigenous communities and their struggles throughout history.

Final Words
There are few cities in the world that come close to being as stunning and awe-inspiring as Santiago de Chile. It is a city that blends diverse cultures into one fantastic, flamboyant whole, and it is a city that you have to experience for yourself. So what are you waiting for?

We recommend you read our guide about where to stay in Santiago de Chile. It provides an excellent overview of the most popular areas, highlighting the main attractions and hotel recommendations for each area.

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