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How it works

Hotel prices tend to drop after reservations are made. Our Price Tracker is a free hotel rate tracker that helps you save money by rebooking when the hotel price drops.


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Book your hotel room with a free cancellation policy using any booking platform you want:,, etc.


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Forward your existing booking to track@ and we will constantly monitor the price of the same room you booked on a number of websites and providers.


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Once we find you a better deal, we’ll email you and let you know how to rebook at a lower price. It’s as simple as that!

Customer reviews

James W.

“It's really easy to use and saved me $50 on my trip to Los Angeles.”

Julia S.

“We booked a trip to Bali a very long time in advance and decided to use this service. We were pleasantly surprised to find out we could save over $200 on our trip!”

Otto K.

“It's amazing that this service is free of charge. I only emailed them my booking details and got notified that my booking price had dropped by 23%! Will use it again with any future booking.”

Petra L.

“Our stay in Greece was all of a sudden $85 cheaper than planned. A good saving for a night out in Athens!”


How does the Price Tracker work?
It's really simple. All you have to do is email us your hotel booking confirmation and we will monitor the rates for you. If the prices go down, we'll let you know and tell you how to rebook your hotel room and save money. Forward your booking confirmation to track@ today!
Why do hotel prices drop?
Hotels optimize their revenue by changing the rates of the rooms, and this is called yield management. Hotels change prices depending on availability or demand for a reservation such as weekends or peak hours. Basically, it's partially about supply and demand but mostly common sense.
Is my hotel booking information secure?
Yes. Your booking information is only for our internal use. We don't share that information with any third parties.
What if I don't want to forward my booking? Can I still use the Price Tracker?
Yes. If you don't want to forward the hotel reservation to us, you can also email us the following data: name of the hotel, number of people booked, number of rooms booked, the dates you booked. We'll then set up a tracker for you and email you when the price drops.
How much does it cost to use the Price Tracker?
Nothing. It's free to use.
What happens when the Price Tracker finds a price drop?
If we find a price drop, we will email you immediately and tell you how to rebook your hotel reservation to save money.
Can I also use the Price Tracker for non-refundable bookings?
No. You can't cancel and rebook a non-refundable booking without paying the full price. We recommend you always book a hotel room with free cancellation, not just for potential cost savings but also for greater flexibility.
Are taxes and cancellation fees included in the Price Tracker?
We will always try to include any cancellation fees and taxes. For most hotel bookings, cancellations are free of charge, unless you've booked a non-refundable room.
Do you cancel or rebook my hotel reservation for me?
No. You're in full control of your hotel booking. We won't ever cancel or rebook your hotel reservation. We will only email you when we've found a cheaper price for your existing hotel reservation. You can then decide if you want to cancel that booking and rebook for a cheaper price.
How do you track price changes?
We'll add your booking data to our system. Once set up, our system starts to monitor that hotel booking and if a cheap price is found, we will automatically email you immediately to tell you how you can rebook to get a better deal for your existing hotel reservation.
What happens if there is no price drop?
Nothing. Not all hotel prices drop, unfortunately. We will notify you just before the date of your booking if we haven't been able to find a cheaper price.
I can't find an answer to my question. How can I contact you?
You can email us on hello@