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3 Best Cheap Hotels In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Updated: August 7, 2023

As the capital and largest city in all of Argentina, Buenos Aires is truly a sight to behold. With millions of people living here and millions more visiting every year, there is a ton to do and see here.

Plus, Buenos Aires is one of the meccas of South America in terms of tourism, business and general visitation. So, you know you are in for a wild ride in Buenos Aires. With the high influx of tourism and business, there come higher prices for accommodation.

Today, we are talking all about the best budget hotels in the city. When you can allocate funds to different areas of your trip, you can make it much more enjoyable. So, staying at an affordable hotel takes a bit of the pressure off your stay. Here are three of the best cheap hotels in Buenos Aires!


Palo Santo Buenos Aires

Palo Santo Hotel

The first location is the small Palo Santo Hotel. With only 24 rooms, this is a small, but mighty hotel that can save you money. With that few rooms, you do not have to deal with high traffic areas and a ton of noise. So, if you love quiet, small places, this is the one to stay at.

The physical location is also a really big attribute to staying at the Palo Santo Hotel. It is located in the Palermo Hollywood district which has tons to do and see. It is important to be staying in an area that gives a lot back to the visiting experience, and this one absolutely does that.

Although the price tag is not very high, there are a few different rooms available to upgrade to. You start with the premium room which is very basic but still of good quality. If you have a bit more in the budget, you can go with a deluxe or terrace suite to have much more room, privacy and luxury. The final and best option is the Palo Santo Suite. This has incredible views, private balconies and an overall more updated experience.

Hotel details

Bonpland 2275, Palermo, C1425FWC Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Guest rating:
4.5 out of 5

Price per night:
From $79

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Vain Hotel

Vain Boutique Hotel

Located in Palermo Soho, the Vain Boutique Hotel is a small one that will bring some great value to the price you pay. This area of Buenos Aires is high-end and has tons of shopping, food, and attractions in the nearby area. So, you will have quick access to a few really nice aspects of the city.

There are also just 15 rooms. This is truly a boutique hotel that focuses on the consumer experience. When you stay in a place like this, you will not just be another number like in those big corporate hotels. So, you are in for a personable and good experience at the Vain Boutique Hotel.

One of the more unique features is the rooftop terrace. This is an awesome place to relax and take in the area. Plus, there is a whirlpool to add even more relaxation to the experience. There is also free breakfast and weekend brunches that are delicious. This type of value is very rare for a budget hotel like this.

The rooms are very basic but will get the job done. With wood floors and white furniture, the rooms are homey and enough to give you a good resting point.

Hotel details

Thames, 2226, Palermo, C1425FIF Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Guest rating:
4.4 out of 5

Price per night:
From $89

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Savoy Buenos Aires

Savoy Hotel

The final cheap hotel on our list today is the Savoy Hotel. If you want a more central location, this is the place to be. It is right near Congress and there are plenty of other hotspots in the immediate area. This is a really nice perk as you will want to go out and explore for much of your trip.

Although there is no on-site parking, the area is really nice and staying here puts you in a great position to enjoy it all. The rooms are very modern and simplistic. So, you will save money while still being in a quality location.

There are two types of rooms: Classic and Corner Suite. The classic rooms will be the best option for those on a tighter budget, but if you can afford it, you can spring for a corner suite. The suite will add much more room and better amenities, so keep that in mind.

Along with the stay, you get free Wi-Fi and access to a really nice fitness center. Plus, there is a bar and restaurant right on-site. So, if you are in a pinch, you do not have to go far for some good eats.

Hotel details

Av. Callao, 181, C1022AAB Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Guest rating:
4.3 out of 5

Price per night:
From $60

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Top 3 budget hotels in Buenos Aires

Let’s summarize this affordable travel guide. Based on thousands of guest reviews, these are the best budget hotels in Buenos Aires:


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